Brides, grooms, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and BFF’s all want to look their best on that special day. So it’s not surprising that many of our patients come in to see us before an upcoming wedding or big event. Getting the best results from any skin treatment requires a little planning before that big day. We’ve created a calendar to serve as a general guideline for looking your best.


8-12 WEEKS BEFORE THE BIG DAY:  Time For Your Injectables

Botox and dermal fillers are the most common office treatments before a wedding because they do the best job giving you a more rested and refreshed look. Botox can take up to 2 weeks to take full effect and lasts 3-4 months. If this is your first treatment, we like see you 3 months before so that we have enough time to do touch-up to ensure it’s perfect. Ideally, plan your Botox 4-6 months ahead, but if that’s not possible, a minimum of 4 weeks will do. If your goal is to eliminate a deeper wrinkle, 2 Botox treatments, 3 months apart, is ideal.

Juvederm and Restylane are dermal fillers that can last 12-18 months, depending on the area treated. We recommend filler treatments 6-8 weeks in advance so we can ensure the best results and allow for any bruising to subside (if you get a bruise, it can last 3-10 days).  Dermal fillers are an immediate transformation, adding volume in areas of the face that have deflated due to aging. Popular areas that we treat with fillers are the lips, cheeks, smile lines, jaw line, marionettes and nasal labial folds. 1 month prior to your big day, we like to have you back in the office to see if you need a little fine tuning with both your dermal fillers and Botox.

Botox in the armpits is a very popular treatment for both men and women to stop that embarrassing  excessive sweating. Plan 2-8 weeks ahead for a Botox treatment. This treatment lasts 6 months.

Kybella is another popular treatment for unwanted chin fat. It permanently destroys fat cells under the chin giving you a sleek and slimmer profile. Generally,  2-3 treatments are needed, 8 weeks apart.  We highly recommend staring 6 months in

advanced if you want the best result for your big day.


4 to 12 WEEKS BEFORE THE BIG DAY: Time to Work on Your Skin

Imagine what you’d look like with soft, smooth, flawless skin. Rejuvenating your skin is one of the easiest and most effective ways to look your best. Healthy skin is beautiful skin.

There’s an art and science to skin rejuvenation. We must understand our skin’s cycle of growth. Skin cells are made deep down, and over a course of 6 weeks, they move up to the surface and then fall off. It takes about 3 of these skin cycles to get WOW results. So it’s best to start a skin-care regimen 3-4 months before the wedding. Over-the-counter products can only take you so far. High quality skin care products and laser treatments should protect your skin, repair damage, and stimulate cells deep down to make young, healthy cells. With the right customized skin-care products, you can have that glowing, clear, radiant skin.

Lasers and Photo Facials are the best way to clear up your skin by eliminating brown spots, veins, redness, unwanted hair and acne. We recommend doing a series of BBL or IPL treatments starting 8-12 week prior to your event with the last treatment 4 weeks prior. If you can only get one treatment in, make sure its minimum of 4 weeks before.

Micro-needling, or collagen induction therapy, works to decrease pore size and soften acne scars and pigmentation. We also recommend a series of 3 so plan accordingly.


4-8 WEEKS BEFORE: Facials and Peels

Closer to your event, our most popular skin treatment is our HydraFacial. It’s often called the red carpet facial as your skin is immediately radiant with no downtime. It rehydrates and deep cleans the skin, smoothing out fine lines leaving your skin dewy and glowing. This hydra-dermabration is similar in action to a microdermabrasion eliminating the dead and dull skin cells with gentle exfoliation.   

Chemical Peels can also leave the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. There are many different strengths of peels. Lighter peels can be done 4 weeks prior but heavier peels for more damaged skin are recommended 6 weeks out.


1 WEEK BEFORE: Pamper Yourself

Get a B12 shot, have another HydraFacial, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, eat well and avoid dairy, sugar, and processed foods as they contribute to skin problems, exercise, and meditate.


Obviously, these are are not hard fast rules. Everybody has different needs and schedules. There are plenty of times when we need to speed things up because the wedding is just around the corner. Some treatments are safe to push a little sooner, others are not. Let a professional help you plan and customized a schedule that works for you to ensure you look and feel your best on your special day.