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, Build Your Sunscreen Wardrobe

Build Your Sunscreen Wardrobe

Top Sunscreen Products to Protect Your Skin and Have You Look Your Best. By Nikki Calkins.

It is easily the most important product to help protect the skin’s barrier from UVA and UVB rays, and therefore diminish the signs of aging. Undoubtedly the one crucial part of a skincare regimen that is entirely non-existent, or used with little to zero compliance by many men and women. Why? Well, for some (especially us Spokanites and Coeur d’Alene folks) I would speculate that living in the region that we do where sun averages to peek its way through just 170 days out of a calendar year, we choose to soak up every minute of that vitamin D on those gloriously, sunny days. I’d also venture to guess that many love the way their skin looks with just a hint of color or glow, and therefore choose not to use sunscreen altogether, or don’t reapply as frequently as they should. Whatever an individual’s reason may be for avoiding sunscreen, I am here to tell you it is THE ONE product that helps prevent premature aging- those unwanted wrinkles, age spots, and discoloration of the skin.  Whether you are aware or not, those UVA and B rays are shining through your car window penetrating your cheek on your morning commute, soaking in on your afternoon walk or jog, and even absorbing into your skin on an overcast day at the soccer field while you watch your child play.  We cannot emphasize enough the importance of using sunscreen daily and protecting your skin. At FACE, we offer many sunscreens that provide the protection your skin needs. Keep in mind that no matter where you buy your sunscreen, you should always check the ingredients to verify that your sunscreen is a physical or mineral-based sunscreen with at least 10% zinc oxide, and 5% or more of titanium dioxide.  Below are some of our FACE favorites.

EltaMD has a plethora of amazing facial and full body sunscreens that are formulated with transparent zinc oxide and also happen to be fragrance-free and paraben-free. Their facial sunscreens also come in tinted or non-tinted formulas.

  • Elta UV Clear is an oil-free sunscreen for the face that helps protect sensitive skin types that are prone to breakouts caused by rosacea or acne. It also contains vitamin B3, which is anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce redness or damaged skin.
  • Elta UV Aero is a continuous spray sunscreen that goes on white to ensure good coverage, but rubs in clear. It is kid-friendly with easy, aerosol application.
  • EltaMD UV Sport is great for athletes who enjoy the outdoors. UV Sport is water and sweat resistant so it won’t rinse off or drip in your eyes while exercising.

Skinbetter Science:
Skinbetter Science offers several “Sunbetter” sunscreens for the face and one for the body with their silky and velvety, 100% mineral-based formulas.

  • Sunbetter Sheer (broad spectrum SPF 56-70) comes in stick, pump or compact form for easy application. It is 80-minute water resistant with a high level of UVB protection. It leaves your skin feeling soft and silky without the unpleasant chemical odor.
  • Sunbetter Tone Smart (broad spectrum SPF 68-75) comes in compact or pump form and is great for the face. This tinted formula primes the skin which blurs fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes.

ColorScience has a wide range of facial sunscreens that not only protect, but treat skin conditions too!

  • All Calm helps to calm and soothe sensitive skin, and reduce the appearance of redness, meanwhile providing SPF 50 protection. This anti-inflammatory formula is great for those with rosacea or blemishes, desiring heavier foundation-like coverage with the added benefit of sun protection.
  • Sunforgettable Face Shield GLOW provides SPF 50 protection and leaves the skin with a dewy finish. It is anti-oxidant rich and super hydrating.
  • Sunforgettable Brush-on Shield is perfect for on-the-go application over make-up. Its powder formula is convenient and comes in four shades, matching an array of skin tones.
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