Sarah Hamilton Face

, EMSCULPT NEO® National Tour Bus Event at Sarah Hamilton FACE

EMSCULPT NEO® National Tour Bus Event at Sarah Hamilton FACE

, EMSCULPT NEO® National Tour Bus Event at Sarah Hamilton FACE

Liberty Lake, Washington
TUESDAY, JULY 20 | 12pm – 7pm

Join us for one of the biggest events of the summer at Sarah Hamilton FACE! Are you curious about EMSCULPT NEO®, the NEW innovative body shaping treatment? Here’s your chance to learn more from our national EMSCULPT NEO® experts.

• Fantastic swag bags with a $500 product purchase or any treatment series purchase
• Special event pricing
• Meet national EMSCULPT NEO® experts
• Refreshments & lite bites provided by Clementine Food Trailer


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Burn Fat and Build Muscle at Sarah Hamilton FACE with EMSCULPT NEO®. By Nikki Calkins.

As of March 2020 our lives and the way lived, worked, and played changed drastically with the onset of Coronavirus. One of the greatest impacts the virus had on daily living was the way in which we exercised. With the closures of gyms and fitness centers across the nation, we were forced to find new ways in which to stay physically active with the limited resources we had at our fingertips. To say the least, it was a challenge to find the equipment necessary to maximize exercise, meanwhile maintain lean muscle mass and avoid weight gain. At Sarah Hamilton FACE, we are excited and thrilled to share our newest treatment to help you regain your strength and get you back in shape just in time for summer.

We are the first in the Spokane, Liberty Lake, and Coeur d’Alene area to offer EMSCULPT NEO, the only non-invasive body sculpting procedure. It is the first and only treatment on the market that simultaneously eliminates fat while building muscle. Using radio frequency and high intensity electromagnetic energies, the EMSCULPT NEO has the capability to permanently damage fat cells while growing muscle at an intensity that is not achievable during traditional gym workouts. The EMSCULPT NEO has been FDA approved to treat and tone your abdominals, saddle bags, glutes, arms, inner and outer thighs, and calves. Clinical studies show an average of 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat and 25% growth in muscle volume in just four, 30-minute treatments. For example, a 30-minute treatment of the abdominals results in the equivalent of an astounding 20,000 sit-ups! 

There is no downtime, recovery, or discomfort with treatments. Patients feel intense contracting of muscles and gentle warming from the radio frequency. Four, 30-minute sessions are recommended and scheduled 5 to 7 days apart. Optimal results from your EMSCULPT NEO treatments are seen 90 days post final treatment. Multiple areas can be treated during a scheduled session. Sarah Hamilton FACE is the first in the area to be able to specifically treat saddle bags, inner and outer thighs, calves, and biceps. Maintaining a healthy diet and a consistent exercise program, along with EMSCULPT NEO maintenance treatments (every three months) are encouraged to preserve optimal results. Current FACE patients that have completed a series of treatments are raving about their results, noting loss in inches and increased definition and toning. Those that have treated abs have noted the added benefit of less lower back pain due to stronger abdominal muscles. 

Interested patients (current and new) are encouraged to call and schedule a consultation to ensure approval for treatment. We are ecstatic to be expanding our services into the realm of body contouring with the best machine on the market, and offering more to our patients beyond the FACE.

, EMSCULPT NEO® National Tour Bus Event at Sarah Hamilton FACE
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